High school arson unvealed






Schools have gone rampage this term. There has been unrest and panic in Kenyan schools. Nearly 100 schools have been shut down in Kenya following arson. The unrest could be a response to the cancellation of some Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE)  results last year due to several incidents examination cheating. Students could also be resisting the stringent guidelines set out by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) in the administration of this year’s to stamp out cheating.

Will this continue to go on? So far, 10 schools have  been closed down across Nyanza. Students at Lamudiac Secondary school in Njoro held protests with regard to the “undercooked” meals that the school provided. The protests went a step further to the students setting ablaze their dormitories during the evening classes.

The Ministry of Education has instructed head teachers not to admit any transfering student expelled from other institutions as a result of participating in strikes and vandalism. The ministry will not bear any cost at all in repairing any damage caused by arson and that the students involved should pay for it.

The examination will still go on as usual and the measures to curb cheating will be strict. Students found culpable of arson will not be admitted to public universities and will miss scholarship recommendations while their leaving certificates will bear their criminal record.

Education Cabinet Secretary, Amina Mohamed says preliminary investigations show that the latest unrest has been caused by tough examination rules meant to stamp out cheating in the forthcoming national examinations and general cases of indiscipline among other reasons.

Are our children safe? This qyestion has remained a mystery to parents as the day set for KCSE approaches.  More than 125 students from various affected schools have been arrested as police intensify the crackdown on all masterminds of the recent unrest. How long will this go on?



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