the stranger in the night

art back view black and white dark

Fear, disappointment, failure,

Lust,  greed, vengeance,

The voices in his head,

He tried to fight them,

God knows, so how hard he tried.


Cold and lonely he felt despite her presence,

Seemed like his dreams of a great future were invalid,

He saw her not as she stared at him with pain in her eyes,

She wished she could help,


His soul was lost in the world.


He wished he died, he loved pain,

He would grab her, kiss her and then chase her away,

She cried as she took a walk on an empty path….

She met a stranger!

He felt her pain.


On February 4th – a night of full moon,

A stranger held her tight in his arms and

promised that everything would be alright,

She let it all out,

She knew he would leave her soon,

They always did!


Author: janrebekah

fun, social and talented, Aquarius ;-)

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