Young and fair we had danced,

Into each others eyes we had looked,

His hands around my waist and mine on his shoulders,

When the lights came on, they clapped and clapped,

On the floor were his knees and on my finger a ring he placed,

July 23rd I became his.



Winter began to approach,sadness grew in my heart,

He noticed it and held my hand,on his chest, I placed my head,

Cold was the morning when I plucked the rose,

A rose white as snow,

Lord God forgive me for I did not know,

In a vase, the rose I placed.


The rose so pure, so strong as our love for each other,

But soon, winter approached.

A racing heart I had when the rose began to wither,

My profound love for him was like my love for roses,

Next to the fireplace, I sat next to him He smiled,

Lord his face was so pale, it had lost its fair just like the rose.



On the table next to the porcelain vase ,fell a leaf I saw a tear fall from his eye ,

I knew he was hurting,

The rose had to go, the rose had a power in it,

With a shovel, I dug and dug,

I kissed the rose and placed it on the ground,buried it and hurried to the house,

He was seated at the fireplace where he loved most,

Next to him I sat but he dared not to move I touched his hand, ice cold it was!

Still, he did not move I shouted his name, tears fell from my eyes,


Soon I realized he was no more.


The rose I cursed,

Black we all wore, tears fell from the eyes of many,

All I did was watch,I could cry no more,

I watched them throw roses over the coffin,

His mother held my hand and all of a sudden I saw the light,

I felt love grow in my heart and

Something else grew in me- the product of our love,

July 23rd, a baby I bore Eyes like his father’s,

He touched my face and looked into my eyes just like his father had the very night we had danced,

With love.



July 23rd, they had all wanted to touch him,

Gifts the had bought him,

His father I quietly wished was here to see this,


But he was no more.

Six feet under he was just like the rose I had buried.



July 23rd I realized I had to keep moving,

I had to keep fighting,

I had to keep living,

And when I looked at the baby who was fast asleep in his grandmother’s wrinkled arms I realized he was smiling,

A new hope grew in me,

Sadness I once bore was no more,

All I experienced was new love and new joy,

Feeling I promised myself and my little one would be everlasting.

July 23rd are days I shall always remember,

Till death part our ways.


Author: janrebekah

fun, social and talented, Aquarius ;-)

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