The light I saw

I saw a light in the midst of the ocean,

God Lord! It was so beautiful,

A pearl, a gem, anything expensive it could be,

I loved it, I wanted it.

Its beauty was worth a thousand diamonds,

I named it pretzel but wondered what it was,

My friends knew not what i had seen,

I got into the water, I heard them shout.

I swam, the waves kept pulling me back,

A shark I saw, huge it was, teeth razor-sharp,

Towards me, moved the shark,

I kept swimming.


I could hear my friends no more.

Closer I got to the light,

The shark still behind me,

My legs wanted to stop and numb was the feeling in my body,

My heart desired to keep moving.

Now, I could see what it was,

My eyes just stared at its beauty,

A beauty so profound,

A beauty so magical,

A beauty so unforgettable.

I took it and held it tight in my hand,

Behind me, the shark was gone.

I moved swiftly towards the water,

Gone were the waves!

Gone were the voices of discouragement!

Now, I got out of the water,

I looked around me and then, i saw it all!

A place so beautiful,

A place words could describe not.

I looked back and like magic, gone was the water!

Ahead was a gate where two men stood,

Wings they had,

White they wore,

Swords they held,

The gates they opened,

The light had led me to heaven!


Author: janrebekah

fun, social and talented, Aquarius ;-)

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