Pretty lady, there you are at last,

A smile so beautiful you have, my heart melts,

You look prettier than ever, look at them,

Look at us, look at me,

Your beauty we admire.

Peace you give to my heart with just a stare,

Your ocean blue eyes lighten my world,

There you are, finally looking at me,

You smile, I smile back as I always do,

Pretty lady, I wish you knew,

I wish you knew this……

Paintings, I painted you,

Poems, I wrote to you,

Dreams, I dreamt of you,

You are my art, I am nothing without you.

There you are standing in a white dress,

You look at me once again, I love you more,

I love you! I realize


It’s now too late, you are now his,

He is now my rival for it’s you I love,

He took you away from me,

A coward I was not to tell you this,

I love you! Yes, you!

I watch you kiss him,

Everybody claps and so do I,

A promise I make to myself not to eat the cake,

If you open the gift I bought for your wedding,

You will know it,

You will know my love for you.

Now, here I am walking away,

I look back, you wave at me,

I can’t wave back, my hand feels frozen,

As night approaches, I know I will soon be home cooking dinner,

Dinner I wish I’d share with you,

But you my pretty lady shalt be fast asleep in his arms.


Author: janrebekah

fun, social and talented, Aquarius ;-)

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