High school arson unvealed






Schools have gone rampage this term. There has been unrest and panic in Kenyan schools. Nearly 100 schools have been shut down in Kenya following arson. The unrest could be a response to the cancellation of some Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE)  results last year due to several incidents examination cheating. Students could also be resisting the stringent guidelines set out by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) in the administration of this year’s to stamp out cheating.

Will this continue to go on? So far, 10 schools have  been closed down across Nyanza. Students at Lamudiac Secondary school in Njoro held protests with regard to the “undercooked” meals that the school provided. The protests went a step further to the students setting ablaze their dormitories during the evening classes.

The Ministry of Education has instructed head teachers not to admit any transfering student expelled from other institutions as a result of participating in strikes and vandalism. The ministry will not bear any cost at all in repairing any damage caused by arson and that the students involved should pay for it.

The examination will still go on as usual and the measures to curb cheating will be strict. Students found culpable of arson will not be admitted to public universities and will miss scholarship recommendations while their leaving certificates will bear their criminal record.

Education Cabinet Secretary, Amina Mohamed says preliminary investigations show that the latest unrest has been caused by tough examination rules meant to stamp out cheating in the forthcoming national examinations and general cases of indiscipline among other reasons.

Are our children safe? This qyestion has remained a mystery to parents as the day set for KCSE approaches.  More than 125 students from various affected schools have been arrested as police intensify the crackdown on all masterminds of the recent unrest. How long will this go on?





Young and fair we had danced,

Into each others eyes we had looked,

His hands around my waist and mine on his shoulders,

When the lights came on, they clapped and clapped,

On the floor were his knees and on my finger a ring he placed,

July 23rd I became his.



Winter began to approach,sadness grew in my heart,

He noticed it and held my hand,on his chest, I placed my head,

Cold was the morning when I plucked the rose,

A rose white as snow,

Lord God forgive me for I did not know,

In a vase, the rose I placed.


The rose so pure, so strong as our love for each other,

But soon, winter approached.

A racing heart I had when the rose began to wither,

My profound love for him was like my love for roses,

Next to the fireplace, I sat next to him He smiled,

Lord his face was so pale, it had lost its fair just like the rose.



On the table next to the porcelain vase ,fell a leaf I saw a tear fall from his eye ,

I knew he was hurting,

The rose had to go, the rose had a power in it,

With a shovel, I dug and dug,

I kissed the rose and placed it on the ground,buried it and hurried to the house,

He was seated at the fireplace where he loved most,

Next to him I sat but he dared not to move I touched his hand, ice cold it was!

Still, he did not move I shouted his name, tears fell from my eyes,


Soon I realized he was no more.


The rose I cursed,

Black we all wore, tears fell from the eyes of many,

All I did was watch,I could cry no more,

I watched them throw roses over the coffin,

His mother held my hand and all of a sudden I saw the light,

I felt love grow in my heart and

Something else grew in me- the product of our love,

July 23rd, a baby I bore Eyes like his father’s,

He touched my face and looked into my eyes just like his father had the very night we had danced,

With love.



July 23rd, they had all wanted to touch him,

Gifts the had bought him,

His father I quietly wished was here to see this,


But he was no more.

Six feet under he was just like the rose I had buried.



July 23rd I realized I had to keep moving,

I had to keep fighting,

I had to keep living,

And when I looked at the baby who was fast asleep in his grandmother’s wrinkled arms I realized he was smiling,

A new hope grew in me,

Sadness I once bore was no more,

All I experienced was new love and new joy,

Feeling I promised myself and my little one would be everlasting.

July 23rd are days I shall always remember,

Till death part our ways.

the stranger in the night

art back view black and white dark

Fear, disappointment, failure,

Lust,  greed, vengeance,

The voices in his head,

He tried to fight them,

God knows, so how hard he tried.


Cold and lonely he felt despite her presence,

Seemed like his dreams of a great future were invalid,

He saw her not as she stared at him with pain in her eyes,

She wished she could help,


His soul was lost in the world.


He wished he died, he loved pain,

He would grab her, kiss her and then chase her away,

She cried as she took a walk on an empty path….

She met a stranger!

He felt her pain.


On February 4th – a night of full moon,

A stranger held her tight in his arms and

promised that everything would be alright,

She let it all out,

She knew he would leave her soon,

They always did!

The light I saw

I saw a light in the midst of the ocean,

God Lord! It was so beautiful,

A pearl, a gem, anything expensive it could be,

I loved it, I wanted it.

Its beauty was worth a thousand diamonds,

I named it pretzel but wondered what it was,

My friends knew not what i had seen,

I got into the water, I heard them shout.

I swam, the waves kept pulling me back,

A shark I saw, huge it was, teeth razor-sharp,

Towards me, moved the shark,

I kept swimming.


I could hear my friends no more.

Closer I got to the light,

The shark still behind me,

My legs wanted to stop and numb was the feeling in my body,

My heart desired to keep moving.

Now, I could see what it was,

My eyes just stared at its beauty,

A beauty so profound,

A beauty so magical,

A beauty so unforgettable.

I took it and held it tight in my hand,

Behind me, the shark was gone.

I moved swiftly towards the water,

Gone were the waves!

Gone were the voices of discouragement!

Now, I got out of the water,

I looked around me and then, i saw it all!

A place so beautiful,

A place words could describe not.

I looked back and like magic, gone was the water!

Ahead was a gate where two men stood,

Wings they had,

White they wore,

Swords they held,

The gates they opened,

The light had led me to heaven!


Pretty lady, there you are at last,

A smile so beautiful you have, my heart melts,

You look prettier than ever, look at them,

Look at us, look at me,

Your beauty we admire.

Peace you give to my heart with just a stare,

Your ocean blue eyes lighten my world,

There you are, finally looking at me,

You smile, I smile back as I always do,

Pretty lady, I wish you knew,

I wish you knew this……

Paintings, I painted you,

Poems, I wrote to you,

Dreams, I dreamt of you,

You are my art, I am nothing without you.

There you are standing in a white dress,

You look at me once again, I love you more,

I love you! I realize


It’s now too late, you are now his,

He is now my rival for it’s you I love,

He took you away from me,

A coward I was not to tell you this,

I love you! Yes, you!

I watch you kiss him,

Everybody claps and so do I,

A promise I make to myself not to eat the cake,

If you open the gift I bought for your wedding,

You will know it,

You will know my love for you.

Now, here I am walking away,

I look back, you wave at me,

I can’t wave back, my hand feels frozen,

As night approaches, I know I will soon be home cooking dinner,

Dinner I wish I’d share with you,

But you my pretty lady shalt be fast asleep in his arms.



Thy name to precious to be written on paper,

You whom cries thyself to sleep,

You whom smiles at them and pretend to be okay,

Let go and open thy eyes, see the beauty,

The beauty in you, the beauty in the world.


I ask you to read this every morning,

Read this when night approaches and a tear threatens to fall from thy beautiful eye,

Read this when you feel hopeless,

When cumbered with weakness, read this,

Read this when thou feels meaningless,

God loves you, the world needs you, you shall make it.


You shall be an inspiration to many, wake up and show them all your smile so beautiful words cannot express,


Hope for the best,

Focus,be determined and strive for success,

For Success is thy name.

The Rose in the desert

Her heart’s beauty I saw,

The spirit of a fighter lived in her,

She gave up not,

She cried herself to sleep at times,

A beautiful smile she woke up with.

She had the most beautiful heart I ever saw,

Yet so fragile,

She loved with a love so pure and so strong,

She would sacrifice her dreams to stay with the ones she loved,

She wondered why roses had to have thorns.

She was a rose in the desert,

She endured it all and still remained beautiful,

She loved unconditionally,

She gave and expected nothing in return,

In all circumstances, she gave thanks,

Thanks to God.