Snow fell lightly on the rooftops. The grass was all white and from afar the sound of jingle bells could be heard. Outside a small cottage in Chicago, there stood a tall Christmas tree which had been beautifully decorated. On top of the tree was a huge sparkling star and around it were lights that went on and off. People often admired it as they passed by.

To Amanda Harris, Christmas was the most beautiful time of the year. A time to give to the needy, spend time with her loved ones, wrap  gifts for friends and family and send donations for charity. She did not have much but she loved giving. This year however, Christmas would be completely different.

Amanda Harris was a tall, beautiful young lady with blue eyes, long blonde hair, an eye-catching smile and a breath-taking personality. She had a model-like physique coupled with an hour glass figure.  Thirty two year-old Amanda sat still at her fireplace with a cup of chamomile tea in her left hand and stared blankly as bitter-sweet memories continued flooded her mind.

Six months ago, she had lost her husband and their two children in a road accident. Amanda’s husband James W Harris had been driving their children to school when the fatal accident occurred. Amanda remembered how she’d kissed her children goodbye and reminded them to carry their lunch. She had told James to make sure he called her when he reached the court where he had worked as an attorney. About an hour later, a call came in from an unknown number.

“Hello?” she had said.

“Mrs. Harris?” It was a man’s voice. He sounded sympathetic.

“Yes? This is she.” Her voice was shaky and her heart palpitated as if in anticipation of bad news.

“I am Michael Davis, a senior detective at the Chicago Police Unit. Your husband and two children were involved in a road accident a while ago,”

She had shouted and paced around the living room in utter shock and disbelief. Her whole world suddenly came crashing down on her.

“Please calm down Mrs. Harris. I am here at Chicago General Hospital with your husband. He survived the crash. We will need you to come here as soon as you can. You also needed to identify if the casualties are your children.”

It was the same hospital Amanda worked as a night shift nurse.

She immediately got into her car and sped to the hospital. Deep in her heart she hoped it was a mistake. The officer might be mistaken. James was a slow and careful driver. He hardly took his eyes off the road. Something was terribly wrong. So many questions ran through her mind. If he was dead, could it have been a murder? Were there secrets he had been keeping from her?

At the hospital entrance, a man and lady in police uniform had asked her if she was Mrs. Harris. She nodded. They took her hand and she was following them. Her sight had been blurry. She could see human-like figures walk past and towards her. Then she stopped in front of the emergency unit. A tall huge man with spectacles and a notebook gave her a handshake and introduced himself as Michael Davis. He had been accompanied by a woman in a white coat and surgical gloves who took the gloves off and greeted Amanda.

“You need to sit down,” the doctor said to Amanda.

“Is he dead?”

The doctor got hold of Amanda’s right hand and before she could answer, Amanda’s eyes had landed on a pale man lying on a hospital bed being pushed towards them.

Amanda had screamed. She had followed James corpse begging him not to leave her and the doctors had held her begging her to calm down.

The next day, her parents, James father and his stepmother, her best friend Catherine Herding and Catherine’s cousin Bess accompanied Amanda to identify her children’s bodies. It was a painful moment which Amanda could never forget. She recalled her son’s dislocated hand and her daughter just laying there with her eyes closed. She recalls how her mother held her tight in her arms as Amanda shed tears. Those are memories that would not go away.

“My son was always the most careful. Lord knows how this happened.” There was devastation in James father’s voice. Was he thinking the same as Amanda? Could it be murder? Attorneys had so many enemies. God knows what could have happened and whatever this was, Amanda vowed to find out.

The burial was on the 1st of July. A dull Friday morning. Many had gathered. Friends and relatives of the deceased.  There were several new faces to Amanda. Some were James’s relatives whom she had not met, others were his colleagues, some friends, and others were her children’s teachers and a few students. Amanda’s colleagues from Chicago General Hospital had come too. Catherine Herding and Bess had come to give their condolences, James’s father and stepmother were their too as well as Amanda’s parents who stood right behind their daughter. Amanda’s eyes were dark and swollen. The past one week had been extremely painful for her. They sang the Amazing Grace with tears falling from her eyes.

“James,” Amanda begun her speech. “ he taught me so much. Love, a love so genuine, patience, strength, courage. He stood by me in good times and bad times. The past seven years of marriage were the best years of my life. Look at me, I am now here standing in front of the coffins of my husband and children. Sometimes I wish I was with them too. My children, I wish God could have given them at least thirty more years. But who am I to tell God what to do? Thank you all for coming. This is a sad moment for us all. They were good people. I am certain that they are with the lord. May their souls rest in peace.” She placed roses on their coffins and joined the rest.

Roses were put on the coffin. It began to drizzle as dark clouds assembled. Amanda felt her feet become cold. She recalled looking behind. Her eyes met another woman’s eyes. The other woman quickly looked away but Amanda did not. She carefully studied the woman whose eyes were now fixed on the ground. The woman put on her hat.

“Are you alright dear?” Amanda’s mother asked her.

“Yes!” Amanda lied.

The burial ended and when Amanda looked around, the woman was gone.


(   watch out for chapter two 😉  )


The light I saw

I saw a light in the midst of the ocean,

God Lord! It was so beautiful,

A pearl, a gem, anything expensive it could be,

I loved it, I wanted it.

Its beauty was worth a thousand diamonds,

I named it pretzel but wondered what it was,

My friends knew not what i had seen,

I got into the water, I heard them shout.

I swam, the waves kept pulling me back,

A shark I saw, huge it was, teeth razor-sharp,

Towards me, moved the shark,

I kept swimming.


I could hear my friends no more.

Closer I got to the light,

The shark still behind me,

My legs wanted to stop and numb was the feeling in my body,

My heart desired to keep moving.

Now, I could see what it was,

My eyes just stared at its beauty,

A beauty so profound,

A beauty so magical,

A beauty so unforgettable.

I took it and held it tight in my hand,

Behind me, the shark was gone.

I moved swiftly towards the water,

Gone were the waves!

Gone were the voices of discouragement!

Now, I got out of the water,

I looked around me and then, i saw it all!

A place so beautiful,

A place words could describe not.

I looked back and like magic, gone was the water!

Ahead was a gate where two men stood,

Wings they had,

White they wore,

Swords they held,

The gates they opened,

The light had led me to heaven!


Pretty lady, there you are at last,

A smile so beautiful you have, my heart melts,

You look prettier than ever, look at them,

Look at us, look at me,

Your beauty we admire.

Peace you give to my heart with just a stare,

Your ocean blue eyes lighten my world,

There you are, finally looking at me,

You smile, I smile back as I always do,

Pretty lady, I wish you knew,

I wish you knew this……

Paintings, I painted you,

Poems, I wrote to you,

Dreams, I dreamt of you,

You are my art, I am nothing without you.

There you are standing in a white dress,

You look at me once again, I love you more,

I love you! I realize


It’s now too late, you are now his,

He is now my rival for it’s you I love,

He took you away from me,

A coward I was not to tell you this,

I love you! Yes, you!

I watch you kiss him,

Everybody claps and so do I,

A promise I make to myself not to eat the cake,

If you open the gift I bought for your wedding,

You will know it,

You will know my love for you.

Now, here I am walking away,

I look back, you wave at me,

I can’t wave back, my hand feels frozen,

As night approaches, I know I will soon be home cooking dinner,

Dinner I wish I’d share with you,

But you my pretty lady shalt be fast asleep in his arms.



Thy name to precious to be written on paper,

You whom cries thyself to sleep,

You whom smiles at them and pretend to be okay,

Let go and open thy eyes, see the beauty,

The beauty in you, the beauty in the world.


I ask you to read this every morning,

Read this when night approaches and a tear threatens to fall from thy beautiful eye,

Read this when you feel hopeless,

When cumbered with weakness, read this,

Read this when thou feels meaningless,

God loves you, the world needs you, you shall make it.


You shall be an inspiration to many, wake up and show them all your smile so beautiful words cannot express,


Hope for the best,

Focus,be determined and strive for success,

For Success is thy name.

The Rose in the desert

Her heart’s beauty I saw,

The spirit of a fighter lived in her,

She gave up not,

She cried herself to sleep at times,

A beautiful smile she woke up with.

She had the most beautiful heart I ever saw,

Yet so fragile,

She loved with a love so pure and so strong,

She would sacrifice her dreams to stay with the ones she loved,

She wondered why roses had to have thorns.

She was a rose in the desert,

She endured it all and still remained beautiful,

She loved unconditionally,

She gave and expected nothing in return,

In all circumstances, she gave thanks,

Thanks to God.